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Account and tranasctions are secured by blockahain backed by triple server breach prevention


Althash blockchain allows the system to confirm the transaction in less than a minute


Cheap and effective is the only way to describe PaySic


Let’s discuss about our project

Do you have a question, want to know more or simply would like to meet the team? We are available on multiple platforms!

How the idea started?

Over the past few years, we have seen a lot of blockchain projects, but none of them has ever used the technology for what was its core goal: revolutionizing banking. Therefore after two months of brainstorming, the team has figured the formula that uses the full potential of the technology without disrupting the banking for the users.


What is already done

Over the past year, our team has developed almost every aspect of the platform itself. Let's see what we had accomplished


Everyone has different needs, therefore we have pre-selected four plans for your enjoyment.


  • Free debit card
  • Free app
  • In house transactions 0.12€


5 monthly
  • Premium debit card 2x
  • Virtual card 1x
  • In house transactions 0.10€


12 monthly
  • Metal card 1x
  • Premium debit 2x
  • Virtual 2x
  • In house transactions 0.06€


150 monthly
  • Igold card 1x
  • Metal/premium 10x
  • Unlimited virtual
  • inhouse 0.00€