Why do you put up with high
money-transfer fees?    
Each fee you pay makes some bank CEO happier. Well, maybe
it’s time for a new kind of banking. One where your money
travels virtually without fees. Interested?
Three most important
things to know:    
1. Security above all
2. Fast means cheaper for you
3. You can do more than tranfer money
Top-notch blockhian technology makes all the transactions secure and
hidden from prying eyes. Unbreakable encryption      added to your
everyday currency like the dollar.
Blockchain technology makes all the transfers much faster than your
usual bank transfer. Their obsolete systems and log processing  
mean higher fees for you. Not anymore.
To get the maximum from your free Paysic account, get your free debit
card. You can use it in Europe and the USA, or get some sweet deals
on E-bay or ASOS.
Sounds good?
Let’s get you started.    
This is how Paysic
will look like for you    
170+ people are currently working on the project,
from development to the marketing. Our core team
consists of both banking and blockchain experts.
The team behind the platform    
Ready to wave goodbye to
hight fees?
Test it now!
Paysic 2019
Nejc Paradiž
Brin Soko
Domen Prevc
You're in good hands, these are the giants of tech- banking and cybersecurity whose shoulders we're standing on.
Advisory board    
John Ro
Test it now!
Test it now!